Graduation season happens to be one of my favourite seasons! I graduated over three years ago and it was one of my happiest days. In case it's not obvious, I'm a certified journalist.

I remember just how important it was and how good it felt to be celebrated! Which just made me realise how unmaterialistic and thoughtful my brothers and sister are, but we'll get to that later. I want to share this post in hopes to help you figure out what you can get or do for a graduate on their big day! Let's get to it.

Get a Bouquet

Flowers are a very special gesture. On this day they serve as a gesture and a prop for wonderful pictures! Check with the graduate about the colour of their belt and the colour of their outfit, this way you'll know what flowers to get. Check for allergies too!

Get Sentimental
I always used to say that if someone got me a bracelet I would wear it almost every day until it broke. Bracelets for me are tender pieces. Try to lean in the tenderness and nostalgic side when you pick a sentimental gift.

Help Them Get Started
This would require you to know what the person is actually graduating in. A journalist would most likely appreciate a daily or monthly planner to help them stay on course and motivated and a nail technician would probably like a UV light or nail paint. When you help a graduate to kckstart their carreer you show that you care and believe in them.

After my graduation, I vividly remember how we drove from the venue to the mall and got diner. I didn't know they had that planned and it was very special. I got whatever I wanted from the menu. It was very special to me and I cherish it each day. I perfer experiences over gifts. Also, after a long day of waiting in line for your name to be called out to walk on that stage for a few seconds, one could eat.

Go Big!
I like to think that no gift is too big or too small during special moments, but the truth is we're different people and your loved ones
 may love for you to get them something that makes a statement and puts them in the spotlight. You can throw a party with friends and family, get them a car or a home, a great designer handbag or anything else that they'll love. Did I really mention a car and home? Haha, yes! Do what you can afford.

What was your gift for your graduation day? What was the gift you got for someone who was graduating?

I grew up with a somewhat a not so healthy skin. My skin would consistently break out and leave a lot of dark marks as a result. I had to make a few adjustments to my routine for a better and healthier looking skin.

If you have a problem controlling acne and are sick and tired of hearing 'drink more water', then you and I are in the same boat, so hop on and let's get sharing healthy skin tips. My skin still breaks from time to time but a whole lot better now and the spots have gotten better too. Here are a few adjustments I made for a healthier skin:

Double Cleanse Twice a Day
The face is mostly the most exposed part of our bodies to the environment and sometimes the our environment isn't friendly. With the sun, winds, dust, physical contact and so much more that we often come across in a day, the least one can do is clean all of that off.

To cleanse, I like to use a product that carries some Vitamin C or Aloe Vera to help with the fairness in complexion and softness.

Primer Before Makeup
I used to put some face cream and moving straight to foundation instead of a primer first. A primer basically helps to prepare and protect skin from the chemicals found in makeup, especially foundation as it is set throughout the whole face. My face would get a little dry and break out even more from that specifically.

Now I know not to mess with some of the processes necessary to protect my skin.

UV Rays Protection
A sunscreen is good, but it's even better when it's SPF50. To further protect my skin from the rays, I try not to be out in the sun too long even when I have my sunscreen on. If I have to be in the sun too long then I make use of additional measures such as wearing a cap or hat or a long sleeve vest to help me keep safe. Sunscreen is the plan A and the backup plan to protect my skin from sun damage.

Face Cream
Knowing what type of skin you have narrows down the types of products you need. Is your skin oily or dry or neither? I have a relatively oily skin and use products that help with that but I always make sure my creams carry some Vitamin C to keep my complexion in check and also tone down the harshness of the dark marks on my face. While I'm still working on getting rid of the dark marks, there's no reason to hate myself.

Keep Hands To Yourself
I had a dermatologist break the pimples I had on my face in the past and their products still haven't helped me in any way! Now I keep my hands away from my face because I've learned the hard way.

Picking at pimples is just a call for more problems. Keep from popping pimples and casually touching your face.

Makeup OFF!
Some of the common causes of skin breakouts include wearing makeup for very long hours and that may include going to bed in makeup. The skin has pores and pores don't need chemicals all the time, they need to breathe to basically work well.

Extra tip: remember to watch what you eat. Too much sugary and oily foods are usually bad for the skin. Most importantly, a healthy skin is better than the 'perfect' one. Hope these help. What is your top daily beauty routine to keeping your skin healthy? Share with me in the comments.

Being a creator (blogger, vlogger, social media influencer, podcaster, etc) can be quite challenging. Constantly wanting to come up with great and somewhat new content that is relatable, educational and informative can sometimes leave you hit by a writer's block and confused, especially when your industry is saturated and you look to stand out.

If you've at one point found yourself scratching your head over the fact that you can't seem to come up with something absolutely new, maybe that's because there's nothing new on the internet and that's okay. There are hundreds and hundreds of ideas that a creator can twist, add to or take from. Let me explain: How many self-care posts have you seen that offer pretty much the same advice such as 'get enough sleep' or 'watch less TV' and maybe even 'make time for some alone time'? I've seen plenty. The point of this paragraph will be clear somewhere near the end of this post.

Anyway, let me get to the main focus of this post. This is how you can combat imposter syndrome as a content creator:

Find Your Creative Voice
Your voice as a creator is like the personality of your work. To eliminate imposter syndrome, you have to know your own voice as a creative. Your voice lies in your word choice, tone and how you structure your sentences. It's basically your style.

Focus On Your Content
It's easy to get carried away focusing on other people's work for inspiration; but after a while it can be addictive and that is bad for you. If you need to constantly look at someone else's blog, podcast or page for inspiration and ideas, you may be headed to the wrong direction.

Be Original
Original content is simply personalised content. A personalised content carries honest thoughts and opinions. Doing research is also good but you'll still have to sound like you when you sum your research up for your readers.

Fail Forward
I have had a problem with the failing forward concept before. I used to clean up my feed every once in a while. I'll be the first to admit that it is a serious bad habit and should be avoided. It is better to look at your past work and think about how much you've grown and improved as a creator than have zero reference for yourself because you're too busy trying to make other people think that your work is perfect.

Figure Out Your Niche
It can be pretty annoying hearing these words, but how would you know what to create when you're not certain about the type of content you want to create? Figuring out your niche helps narrow down the type of content you should or can come up with.

Brand Yourself
Figure out who you are as a creator and make sure it doesn't contradict with who you are as a person. Do not let one take too much from the other. A good balance here will help you put out your best work.

Brand Your Business
Visually, the simplest branding you can do is a logo design, choosing colours and fonts. You can go timeless, bold, classic or other ways with your branding. Branding will help you to be recognisable and hopefully distinguishable. When you mix self and business branding, they should work well together.

The good news is, the headlines for so many different creators and many posts may be similar or the same, but the content never is when the person creating is simply being themself.

Was this post helpful? How do you combat imposter syndrome as a content creator? Don't forget to pin this post!

I cannot believe just how fast this month flew by! It feels like a week ago when I was excited about it being March and like a few days ago when I celebrated my birthday! I'm not much of a horoscopic person but yes, I am an Aries baby.

There's quite a couple of things I've done this month, but I will not talk about the things I didn't do, such as I most definitely did not share anything on here all month long. Now off to the things I did this month!

I would do a massive photo dump (I'll probably start doing that next month) to sum up this month but I hardly ever take pictures or at least remember to do so no matter where I'm at.. so, no photo dump this month.

This month I got rid of my personal Instagram and Facebook accounts. I've come to realise that  don't like to share too many selfies and I cannot, no matter what, share photos of my baby which made my Instagram a little useless really! I tried to share a clip of him and took it down about two days later. As for Facebook, it was good while it lasted.

I had a birthday just a few days ago. I am so grateful! I spent it at home. we had some cake and then later I went to work and then I got myself some burger and chips (fries) to finish off the day.

I've also spent very little time on the blog
, which I intend on correcting in April. These are my biggest highlights for this month and probably one of my shortest blog posts yet. How was your March? Share your biggest highlight of March in the comments with me. See you in the next post!

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It's almost that time of the year. Can you guess what it is? You got that right - Valentine's Day! For years and years, Valentine's Day has been romantisised. When we speak about Valentine's Day, we think red roses, champagne, wine, dinner for two and so much more!

In my experience, couples have been making the most of this day going all out. The red and white attire is undeniably popular and somewhat weird (to me anyway), but believe me I have absolutely nothing against Valentine's Day.

I have decided that Valentine's Day isn't just for couples; it is also about inviduals loving and appreciating themselves. I love watching partners love each other loudly and even quietly and I shall await my turn. Until then, I will be showing love to me and those I care about on this day. Here are seven things you can do if you're single this Valentine's Day:

Offer to Babysit
Quite a handful of partners could have their plans laid out and looking for someone to look after the kids. This could be an opportunity for you to make some extra income.

Go Out With Some Friends
Are your friends single? Check if they'd like to grab a bite with you or go to a concert nearby! If you guys are into sports and there's a game, you can go to the game.

Diner Date
I make it my mission to treat myself to dinner or lunch at least once a month.

Try this: put on your favourite outfit (or comfortable outfit) and go to one of your favourite restaurant spots for a solo date.
 You can take your book with you to catch up on some reading while you dine. Use this time to catch up on blog related work alone or journaling. An hour or two will be great!

Take a Nap
If you've been needing to take a nap for a while now, why not when you've got no plans for this incredibly busy day? Rest is necessary for the human body and mind to keep going and to keep healthy.

Visit Your Parents
Do Your parents live far from you? Perhaps they haven't seen you in a while. This could be the best time to pay them a visit. They probably miss you and would rather spend the day with you. Call them and ask if they have any plans and if they'd be happy to include you I'm their day.

Offer to cook their favourite meal or bring something from your house. Make their day memorable.

Go For a Walk
Some minutes of fresh air outside while you listen to the birds can do you well. In my experience, going for a walk can improve your mood and contribute to fitness.

Spoil Yourself With Gifts
I love shopping! Do you? Check out these cute and stylish Valentine's Day accessories on SALE! There's so many options on site, simply click on 'accessories' to start shopping.

I have also picked out my favourite fashion pieces under the SALE category on site. You'll find two-pieces, sweatshirts, denim and more. If you need to shop more for a little less, use code 'Jeannie' at checkout for extra 19% OFF! I hope you love your pieces.

How will you be spending your Valentine's Day this year? Let me know in the comments! Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for your support!

Happy New Year, everyone! Is it okay to say that now? I mean, we’re 17 days into the new year and I keep asking myself just how far along the month is it too far to wish someone a happy new year?! I know I’ve been off-ish (I'm aware that that’s an understatement). I have been off for quite a long time here. I wasn't hit by a writer's block or anything, I just took some time off. I talk a lot about taking a break and practice it myself.

I took some time off for me, practicing more self-care, awareness, taking it a little slow and I also had to focus on my new career in radio hosting. I spent time prepping, researching my topics and making the most of my journey as a radio personality and I'm loving the journey. I am, however, excited to be back to this chapter of my life once again and I'll be picking up where I've left off. Is everyone well? Please let me know in the comments how the new year is going so far.

Today is International We Are Not Broken Day! Thanks to The Wellbeing Blogger's social media event calendar for Bloggers that I've come to know about this important day! The calendar has over one hundred and eighty (180) special dates to help creatives come up with amazing content and spread awareness. Don't forget to subscribe to her newsletter, you will not regret it!

The International We Are Not Broken Day is one of my new favourite days and I'll be sure to keep celebrating it going forward. Society can be a little unfair and/or unkind to people living with mental health illness or trauma. The world has took it so far that we had to have dates like these and campaigns in order to teach and create awareness around these topics. The International We Are Not Broken Day was made to bring awareness the fact that despite living or struggling with mental illness or trauma, you're still human and

It is no secret that those who struggle with things like depression, anxiety and/or more are often labelled as unstable or 'not so normal'. The stigma created around mental illness has got to change. Is someone you know, a friend or family member struggling with mental illness? These are a few ways or things you may use to support and be there for them:

First of all, every person struggling or living with mental illness or trauma is different. They are different people with different experiences, triggers and pasts. When talking to a person living with one of these, do not generalise or assume you know them, get to know them personally so you may find a way to live with them as individuals and not add to their pain or struggle. The illness may have the same name but what each person carries is known to them and just because one carries it well, doesn't mean the other person will too.

Never stop learning. Admit first that you need an education on this and keep an open mind. Compassion may help you learn better, too. You may learn about mental illness or trauma through experts who teach and share information about mental illness. You can find them online and maybe go to their seminar. You can also learn by choosing to be actively involved in campaigns that shed light on mental illness and trauma and open your eyes and ears through the course of the campaigns. You may even learn something from tracking your own mental health journey.

Offer Emotional Support
It can be a bit upsetting or triggering for a person living with mental illness to be reminded that they are living or struggling with one. A few of the things that push or trigger them may include but not limited to passive aggressive comments and being labelled - it depends on the person. A few other ways you may offer emotional support is by listening actively, showing up for your loved ones and being clear about the things you can or cannot do. Try to give clear answers and do not make promises you can't keep. You may also offer to hangout with them at one of their favourite spots and ask questions only when you deem necessary regarding their health. Reassure them when they need it, but do not lie to them.

Do Not Take It Personally
Having had my fair share of trauma in the past, I know just how much one can go off on you even when you've not done or said anything wrong. It's a complicated journey that takes patience. It's important to remember that just because you give to a person who lives with mental illness or trauma doesn't mean you'll get back what you give. The best thing you may get is their sincere appreciation for your effort. Don't forget to take good care of yourself too because you can't pour from an empty cup.

Make Sure They Get Help
Last but not least, it's hard seeing a loved one struggle. The situation may be a lot better when the person recognises that they are struggling and ask for help, while others may not admit it to themselves or do but ask for any help. It helps to have an honest conversation with them and express how much you care about their wellbeing. Do your own research and suggest the nearest place they can get help from. 

Always remember to take care of your own mental health so you can a loved one better. Here are a few mental health institutions you may call for help:

1. South Africa SADAG (depression and anxiety) - 0800 456 789 a 24-hour mental health helpline
2. UK giveusashout org - 85258 (first free, confidential, 24/7 text support service)

For those whose country's contact number I didn't share here, please search online for the nearest free or paid mental health services near you.

People living with mental illness or trauma may be a little wounded or shaken but they are not broken.

Mornings kind of set the tone for the rest of the day; and I say kind of because how your morning starts shouldn't ruin how the rest of the day goes. A peaceful morning is good and necessary.

Every now and then we try to add some healthy habits to our routine and whether or not we see them through, we do it anyway. Truth be told we try our best to see good habits through, don't feel bad if every now and then you drop the ball. Here are 5 bad habits you should break and avoid:

1. Waking Up On Coffee
I can't stress it enough - caffeine is unhealthy. It may help you get off sleep a bit quicker, shake off some stiffness maybe or even give you some energy to get to work, but it's still not okay to wake up on a cup of coffee daily - at all.

If your body can barely wake and get going without caffeine, that may be a sign that the habit of coffee needs to change. You can replace coffee with a glass of water in the mornings.

2. Scrolling Through Social Media
We have come to see how negative social media has gotten in the past few years. We try to keep positive and follow positive accounts, but our timeliness still end up filled with ads and posts from things we don't want to see. Social media is a negative space and unfortunately we still need it to work and I can't tell you to give it up.

Scrolling through Social media first thing in the morning exposes you to negativity and potential stress you could potentially throughout your day. Try to replace scrolling through social media with something that makes you happy like journaling, meditation or opening up your windows for some fresh air.

3. Watching The News
I know for a fact that negative news and controversy make news first. I can't think of five good things that happened lately that was shared by the news channels. I don't like that that's the way things are going but it's how they are going and one can only hope to keep away every now and then, especially in the mornings.

Instead of watching the news in the mornings, you can listen to an empowering podcast episode. I like podcasts because they have a niche and you know that the one that focuses on empowerment will leave you feeling better not anxious. News cover both hard and soft topics and in my opinion, mornings aren't for hard news.

4. Skipping Breakfast
How many times have you heard the say "breakfast is the most important meal of the day"? I have lost count. The character James in To All The Boys I've Loved Before said it best: "just because something is popular doesn't mean it's lame. Some things are popular because they're cool." That's how I'd describe the importance of never skipping on breakfast.

If you're fortunate enough to have food for breakfast at home, try not to miss it. If you can donate to those who don't have any, please do. Being kind will never not be good.

5. Having No Plan
Planning your day is like having a routine. Waking up to go to work is part of a routine, whether we see it that way or not. If you work from home your routine may be a little more complicated even. You may be tempted to do some house chores or focus on other things that aren't work.

Plan your day, make time for your work, chores and your to-do list. Don't let one make the other suffer. Write down your plans for the day every morning, but don't put too much on your list.

Share with me some of the bad morning habits you do and how they have affected your morning life. Don't forget to pin this post.
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