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Mornings kind of set the tone for the rest of the day; and I say kind of because how your morning starts shouldn't ruin how the rest of the day goes. A peaceful morning is good and necessary.

Every now and then we try to add some healthy habits to our routine and whether or not we see them through, we do it anyway. Truth be told we try our best to see good habits through, don't feel bad if every now and then you drop the ball. Here are 5 bad habits you should break and avoid:

1. Waking Up On Coffee
I can't stress it enough - caffeine is unhealthy. It may help you get off sleep a bit quicker, shake off some stiffness maybe or even give you some energy to get to work, but it's still not okay to wake up on a cup of coffee daily - at all.

If your body can barely wake and get going without caffeine, that may be a sign that the habit of coffee needs to change. You can replace coffee with a glass of water in the mornings.

2. Scrolling Through Social Media
We have come to see how negative social media has gotten in the past few years. We try to keep positive and follow positive accounts, but our timeliness still end up filled with ads and posts from things we don't want to see. Social media is a negative space and unfortunately we still need it to work and I can't tell you to give it up.

Scrolling through Social media first thing in the morning exposes you to negativity and potential stress you could potentially throughout your day. Try to replace scrolling through social media with something that makes you happy like journaling, meditation or opening up your windows for some fresh air.

3. Watching The News
I know for a fact that negative news and controversy make news first. I can't think of five good things that happened lately that was shared by the news channels. I don't like that that's the way things are going but it's how they are going and one can only hope to keep away every now and then, especially in the mornings.

Instead of watching the news in the mornings, you can listen to an empowering podcast episode. I like podcasts because they have a niche and you know that the one that focuses on empowerment will leave you feeling better not anxious. News cover both hard and soft topics and in my opinion, mornings aren't for hard news.

4. Skipping Breakfast
How many times have you heard the say "breakfast is the most important meal of the day"? I have lost count. The character James in To All The Boys I've Loved Before said it best: "just because something is popular doesn't mean it's lame. Some things are popular because they're cool." That's how I'd describe the importance of never skipping on breakfast.

If you're fortunate enough to have food for breakfast at home, try not to miss it. If you can donate to those who don't have any, please do. Being kind will never not be good.

5. Having No Plan
Planning your day is like having a routine. Waking up to go to work is part of a routine, whether we see it that way or not. If you work from home your routine may be a little more complicated even. You may be tempted to do some house chores or focus on other things that aren't work.

Plan your day, make time for your work, chores and your to-do list. Don't let one make the other suffer. Write down your plans for the day every morning, but don't put too much on your list.

Share with me some of the bad morning habits you do and how they have affected your morning life. Don't forget to pin this post.

Sometimes we're so busy living our lives and handling responsibilities that we can barely make time for important things like exercise. It has been said a thousand times before that workout is vital and I'd like to add onto that and say that it is very necessary.

Exercise doesn't mean getting a gym membership or joining a fitness group. You can workout at home with absolutely no equipment and still manage to reach reasonable goals. Before I go on, I'd like to share a few benefits of exercise:

Managing Weight
The reason I workout is to manage and maintain my weight - to keep healthy. If you workout solely to lose weight, you have to be careful not to mentally hurt yourself. No matter your weight, the goal should be keeping healthy first. There's nothing wrong with wanting to lose a few or several kilograms, but you have to be kind to your current self as you go through the process.

Mood Improvement
Sometimes during an exercise session I feel like I'm going to shout - it can be frustrating; however, the aftermath is always good. I'm always in a better mood after exercising. I don't know how exactly but I like it. I think it's because the blood flow improves and my brain is well oxygenated.

Improves Health
I think it is better to eat well than force a diet onto self which could potentially stress you out. If your health requires a specific diet for your specific reasons, please follow it. My tip for the ones who aren't on any diet for health reasons or any reason, work out and eat well.

How To Make Time For Workout When You Don't Have Any Time?
It's actually quite easy and I do this. I take 15-20 minutes before bathtime in the evenings to workout. To actually get into the mood of exercising, first I unplug and start randomly doing things that aren't work. I move around in the room or cleanup the workspace. You have to be careful not to get carried away and end up spending too much time cleaning. Working out at night helps get better sleep, too.

You can also do your exercises in the morning before you open your computer or take a shower. You can take the same amount of time - 15-20 minutes or more to break a sweat before you start your day.

Exercises To Do
I like to do some squats, sit-ups, lunges and plank. I also like adding running to nowhere. Haha. I pretend to be running, but I remain in the same place. I do this while taking deep breaths.

Did this help you Let? Let me know in the comments how you squeeze in exercise daily with a busy schedule.

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I am so happy to write this post, I'm screaming on the inside. I love gift idea posts because sometimes I run out of ideas myself and need some help. In this post, I'm sharing gift ideas of products I wouldn't mind receiving myself (some I already own). I handpicked these out specially for this post, so let's get right into them.

1. I like to have some order when it comes to my make up. Sponges get dirty really quickly and knowing that they touch on your face when you blend in your foundation or contour really makes me want to be careful even more! I'm suggesting this 4PCS Droplet Sponge Make Up Beauty Tool.

2. Owning a deep cleansing facial brush myself, I can honestly say that it definitely does the job! It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I think about it making it into the skin pores where my fingers can't reach. It cleanses my skin from the inside out. I think this will make a great gift even to self.

3. I'm an undeniable fan of Vitamin C going onto my skin. Having suffered from acne from a young age during puberty and trying many products which didn't work out for me, I ended up getting myself Vitamin C products just to check out how they would treat my skin - it was love at first sight. My skin has significantly improved. Vitamin C products are my favourite and that is why I'm sharing this next product - Vitamin C and Niacinamide Brightening SILK Face Mask - Set of 4.

4. Being an owner of a face massage roller myself, I'm happy to share this Simple Jade Face Massage Roller. These improve blood flow and reduce puffiness. I also like that they help the skin absorb products easily.

5. I love a good sale, so I had to share this: A MelodySusie 13th anniversary, up to 50% off now! This sale is valid for a limited time and I think you'll love what they have to offer. I'd like to leave this gift idea open so everyone can get anything they love from this sale. You'll find nail drills, nail accessories, lamp, bits and more.

Please let me know in the comments if any of these are something you can get for yourself, your sister or friend. If you'd like to make a purchase, click on any of the pictures. Thanks for your support!

*This post contains affiliate links. Opinions shared in this post are my own and do not eliminate the need for medical attention. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

Stress is one of the worst things a human being can experience. Stress can cause emotional, mental and even physical tension. Mariam Webster website defines stress as "constraining force or influence: such as: a force exerted when one body or body part presses on, pulls on, pushes against, or tends to compress or twist another body or body part." I mean, who wants to feel that way?

Causes of Stress
Let's talk about the causes of stress. Stress can be caused or triggered by different things; for example, a fast-paced environment, overwhelming workload, diet, overthinking, lifestyle and many other things. I've experienced stress before, maybe you have too.

Managing Stress
Knowing how to manage your stress can make significant difference in how far stress can take you. Let's take a look on how you can manage your stress:

Let Go of The Need To Control
Some things are out of our control and that's a fact. You can't control how people act or react and you can't control what happens around you, but, you can however choose or control how you act or react to those things. The constant need to control any and everything is simply not practical.

Change of Scenery
Sometimes what you need to manage your stress is to change the environment you're in. Take a step back, take some deep breaths, go for a walk, take a break, move to the next room or move away (get a different job, move to a different city, etc).

Find Help
I've been around people who smoke their way through stress. Smoking can cause lung cancer and heart diseases. Ditch the need to smoke and try the Core immunity boost kit with lung health and nicosolve formula. This is a 100% natural kit that comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. This kit contains nicosolve and Aerosolve for lung rejuvenation and smoking cessation.

It helps to deal with stress head-on and this stress kit may help - Freedom Kit with STRease FormulaAccording to Biogetica, it is a basic combination of the Ayurvedic herbs, nutraceuticals and homeopathic products traditionally used for stress.

Try not to drown your stress in alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause kidney failure and alcohol poisoning among other things. According to Biogetica, heavy drinkers put on a herb extract for 7 days showed significant reduction in alcohol consumption. The urge to drink reduced and no notable side effects were observed. Get the Freedom Kit With Detox Formula. You can choose the 80-day supply or the 40-day supply.

Speak Out
On different occasions, I have come to realise that some things are only worse in my mind. When I explain stuff to someone, not only do I get to understand better what's really going on, I get a fresh mind that's going to look at the situation objectively and show me a perspective I was probably missing.

Listen To Your Body
Our bodies talk to us daily, that's how we know that we're thirsty or hungry. When stress creeps in, your body tells you that. Tension forms, your body may start to shake and your heart and mind may start racing. When the stress starts crawling in, do something about it next time.

Plan For The Day/Week
Having some sort of order in your day, week or month can bring comfort and sense of control. However, it's important to understand that things don't always go as planned, it's okay to plan anyway. Remember, sense of control and having control are two very different things.

You have know and understand the triggers or causes of your stress; most importantly, know how to manage your stress without picking up bad habits. Have this post helped you in anyway? Please let me know in the comments how you manage your stress.

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If you've been here before you're probably wondering what's up with the new name? Believe me when I say it was worth it. The name defines what this blog stands for. This blog is made up of so many elements that contribute to happiness and I want to keep it that way. I want to use my voice through this blog to share positivity, tips and kindness. I want to build the confidence of those who are in doubt of the good things and give a little good hope where there's little to none, because I really think good people deserve to be happy too. If you're new here - welcome to my happy place.

I've been away for a while; most of it has to do with the fact that I was busy rebranding - finding meaning for this blog and realising that this place actually means something to me. It isn't something I just do.

Today's Saturday and I thought 'girl, you've been away for a while, you miss sharing something so do it,' so here I am. I love Saturdays, and I think a lot of you do too. It just has this great feeling to it and the atmosphere is bliss! The weekend is pretty exciting but we know Monday's coming! What if Monday didn't have to be so blue? These are seven tips on how to make the most of your weekend:

It's helps to do laundry on a Friday evening or in the day if you're not doing much during the day. This takes away some stress of it throughout the weekend. Once you do your laundry, you can make time for other things that aren't necessarily chores. If you can, be sure to fold it and put it back where it's supposed to be when you're done. Laundry is a weight you don't really want to carry through the weekend.
Alone Time
Whether is on Friday night after laundry and a quick shower or bath, Sunday or somewhere in-between, you have to make some time for you. You can use this time to catch up on reading, watching an episode or two of your favourite TV drama or series, take a walk, bake, cook your favourite meal, regroup or focus on a hobby. Do not make the mistake of not making some time for you on a weekend. If you have a baby like me, see if a sibling can't look after them for an hour or two or put them to bed a little early so you can have some time to yourself.

Make Time For The People You Care About
I am a little introverted but every now and then I just want to talk to someone; whether it's a friend or a loved one. Even if you give yourself an hour or a few to get out there and be with the people you care about, it will mean so much to them and help you. I am no mental expert or doctor but being alone all the time can't be healthy for your mental wellbeing. It helps to talk stuff out and to laugh out and have a good time with someone.

Keep Your Promises
Did you make plans with someone the week before or some months before? You got to keep those promises. If you don't like showing up to places, maybe don't agree to going in the first place. Haha, I know.

A Weekend Is Your Treat
Treat is as such. Sit on your front porch with a glass of wine or water and take in some fresh air. Slow down and appreciate the moment.

Journaling is a form of therapy. You can grab your journal or notebook, write down your thoughts, feelings, plans, anything really! Your journal is like a friend who always listens. Add cute stickers to your journal like these Little Daisy Sun Flower Doodle Stickers from lifescraft. You can enjoy 10% off for anything with code: AFF10 on their website too!

Prep For Monday on A Sunday
Don't overwork yourself on a Sunday because you'll need the energy for Monday. Prepare but don't overwork yourself or Monday may be blue.

Share with me in the comments how you usually spend your weekends and let me know if this has added something positive to how you'll be spending your weekends. 

To be honest, life has been great since I discovered the word "self-care". I remember just how much I used to push myself over the limit and most times just to please other people. Neglecting myself (feelings, etc) was a norm and I thought that was okay. I didn't know better.

Then I started thinking about starting my own blog. Slowly, I read up on self-care and it's been a game changer! I started thinking about my old habits, I knew I could do better. I have been practicing self-care and I'm happy to go and read up on how others practice it. Like I said before, I define self-care as taking good care of yourself so yourself can take better care of you. Again, it makes sense, I promise.

As I started to practice self-care, I realised that it isn't and won't always look pretty. Here's what self-care can look like sometimes:

"A bad friend"
When you've been a people pleaser for quite some time and the people are kind of used to it, once you take away that privilege to become better for yourself, you may be seen as a bad friend. People become so used to having you however they want that when you start "switching up", you become the villain. Don't be discouraged by this, put those healthy boundaries in place.

Of course you'll be a little distant. You're starting to make things about you and not others. You're making time for the things you actually want to do and not imposing other people's stuff onto you.

When you leave one thing for the other, for instance, when you decide that today you won't be doing any cleaning because you want to rest, some people can see that as negligence. Others are invested in society's believe of "a house must always be clean, especially a woman's". So when you decide to skip on that and replace it with some self-care, some may not get it. You may get a "find a way to squeeze both in" lesson. My point on this one is, there could be those who believe that self-care is a temporary solution to what could be an even bigger problem that could require medical attention instead. The truth is you know you more, if something needed medical attention I believe you'd know, but putting self-care on hold and associating everything with medical emergency sounds off to me.

There's so may opinions regarding self-care. It's an ongoing conversation but I strongly think that it is very necessary and needed. Pushing yourself too far just to make someone else happy sounds very unhealthy. I've been there. What are your thoughts on the conversation of self-care?

Disclaimer: views expressed in this post are my own and do not eliminate the need for medical attention. Be sure to talk to the relevant people should you need help regarding your health.

How has Winter been to you so far? We have four seasons in the year and Winter is my least favourite season. I try to be okay with it but I think I'm getting there. I don't like the cold but I do appreciate a cup of tea late in the night in a warm blanky wrapped around my feet while I watch my favourite Netflix series. I don't like to complain, so, instead of doing that I'll try to talk about the good side of things this winter.

I have managed to make time to watch four seasons of Chicago Fire just this month and I have to say, Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, the creaters, they are geniuses, along with the writers and everyone behind the camera. I have to give the biggest credit to the casting director, I feel like every actor was put perfectly in their place and they fit so well. Chicago Fire is one of my new favourite series after Chicago Med. Just brilliance.

The cold isn't too bad so far. I could walk around in a top and forget the jersey for a bit which was a little weird but I'm not complaining. I actually tried a new cookie recipe and I was happy to not mess it up. On that note, here's the recipe with no instructions included:
* 4 cups of snow flower
* 250g Rama (Margarine)
* 4 teaspoons of baking powder
* Half cup of sugar
* Half cup of coconut
* 2 eggs
* Vanilla essence (half teaspoon or even less)
* Inkomasi (alternative Plain Yogurt)
* NB: do not use water. Inkomasi/Plain Yogurt replace water.

I am putting together a show that I'm looking forward to. It's a music event: you don't know my name music concert, which is going to take place on the 24th of September and I've been very busy with the planning. In my opinion my event went really well last year (and thanks to a number of those who were kind to give me feedback). I'm really looking forward to this one, too.

In short, Winter has been great! Thanks for reading up to this far. What season are you currently in where you are and how has it been treating you so far?

*the recipe in this post isn't tested by any food expert or anyone in the baking or food industry. It was an experiment that turned out fine. It would be lovely for you to love to try it but I will not be held liable for any effect thereafter. Thanks for reading.

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