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I am committed to building trust with all my readers and would like to inform you that you can be confident that I do not distribute your personal data that is stored through this website. With GDPR coming into place you need to know how your data is used and why so here is the summary of what you need to know:

This website uses cookies to make your experience on the website better. By visiting my website you agree to them being used.

Readers may leave comments, however, if I deem your comments to be inappropriate they will be removed.

Blogging is my job and I will receive products and gifts from brands who have contacted me about collaboration. I will make it very clear to readers when a post is a collaboration, a gift or sponsored. I will be clear at the beginning of a post about the type of project a post is.

Affiliate Links
I am affiliate marketer, which means that every now and then I will share links to promote products for companies I work on behalf of as an affiliate. If you click on my links and make a purchase, I may make a tiny commission but it won't cost you extra. A blog post that contains affiliate links will have a disclaimer stating that it contains affiliate links. Other places where affiliate links appear on the website they will be marked with a '*' / 'star' sign or the words 'aff' or both.

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To read more about my privacy policy, please click here.

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