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For all queries, please send me an email at

Work With Me
If you are a brand or small business and would like to work with me on collaboration/sponsored posts, product reviews or any other type of creative project, please contact me on the email above. I cover a wide range of lifestyle topics, including wellness, beauty and every day topics.

For fees, stats and any other type of information, please contact me. I am happy to negotiate fees to suit both parties.

Why Should You Work With Me?
Blogging is not as a side job or hobby to me, which means I devote my time and energy towards my blog and I do not compromise on the quality of content.
For Instagram/Twitter posts, I write down a copy that best suits the client's product. Alternatively, a client may provide their own copy if they have it handy (this isn't applicable for product reviews).

My product reviews are honest to the best of my experience with products and I will not falsify my opinion.

Elements of Happy is a community that is continuously growing. It's a place where I encourage happy, good and honest conversations.

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